Oranje School of Soccer U7 thru U10

Oranje School of Soccer is to improve player’s individual needs in every aspect of the game. This curriculum will provide special training to develop a player’s personality. 


Oranje School of Soccer   - Imagination 

  1. Ball Mastery: Being able to handle the ball with either foot on the ground and in the air.
  2. Individual Growth: knowing how to use your body to protect the ball, and gain an advantage. Creating and exploding into space with the ball under pressure, and in tight spaces.
  3. Mental Growth : Overcoming panic and gain the confidence to turn a negative situation into a positive one. Will learn the appropriate times to apply their skills.
  4. Athleticism: Speed and Coordination
  5. Finishing: Develop all different technical aspects of finishing as well as the tactical approach to become a prolific goal scorer. 


Oranje Open Play Street Soccer U11 thru U14

Oranje Open Play Street Soccer is designed to stimulate players decision thru small-sided play instead of instruction thru drills. These small-sided games will be designed for players to make decision quickly and translate their decision into actions.

These skills session are helpful in discovering what makes Oranje Voetbal Club unique and special.

Boys & Girls Age Matrix

You may have questions such as these that you would like to discuss:

  • Why is club soccer so different from AYSO?
  • How do I know if my child is ready for club?
  • Do we have tryouts for club?
  • When are tryouts?
  • What qualifies someone to be a professional trainer?
  • What is the financial obligation?
  • What is the different between development and winning?

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