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Oranje Voetbal Club

OVC teaches and trains players via two formats –team practices and optional personalized training sessions (see Oranje Soccer School below). Both methods incorporate the club’s overall philosophy, that players must improve their technical, tactical, physical, and psychological abilities.

Players need to achieve the following components at age-appropriate times:

  • ability to defend
  • mental toughness
  • finishing
  • evaluating and adapting tactics to win games
  • possession

We teach a unified style of play. We want our play to be recognizable, attractive, offense–minded, creative, fast, fair and preferably far from our own goal and in the opponent’s half.

Team practices are held two to three times a week and provide a wide variety of drills and exercises with the kind of fast-paced turnover that keep kids asking for more. We stress discipline and mutual respect, both on and off the field, while keeping in mind that fun is a key element of any youth sport. Our goal is to develop talented young athletes into top soccer players that can grow without limit.


Oranje Soccer School

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OVC’s Soccer School consists of optional personalized coaching that aims to accelerate individual growth. We offer small-group training sessions for a limited number of players motivated by extra instruction. The sessions, generally held once a week (in addition to regular club practices), allow us to focus more intensely on understanding a player’s strengths and weaknesses and thus chisel a player’s excellence in every aspect of the game. Players are evaluated regularly on their skills and given immediate feedback. As always, instruction adheres to the club’s overall philosophy (see Oranje Voetbal Club above) and expectations are age-appropriate. Special attention is paid to:


  • Ball mastery: being able to handle the ball with either foot on the ground and in the air.
  • One vs One: attacking, knowing how to use your body to protect the ball and gain advantage.
  • Creating and exploding into space with the ball under pressure and in tight spaces.
  • Mental growth: overcoming panic and gaining the confidence to turn a negative situation into a positive one. Players work with a variety of balls to improve their touch. Sessions are held both indoors and outdoors to better prepare players for all possible terrains and weather. Parents and players should speak to their coach if they are interested in this special form of instruction.