G2006 Cal South State Cup


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We would like to extend a Congratulations and job well to our 2006 girls and Coach Will Vejar on such an outstanding 2016/2017 season.  Our girls had a great start to the season with winning its opening tournament before being dealt a couple injuries to two of our young ladies.  With two of our young ladies being side lined for an extended period of time, it was a time for the team to pull together and grow.  Our coach had to adjust our lineup multiple times with playing goalie by committee, having girls play multiple positions, and having our girls play extended periods of time.  These challenges were a great learning experience for the girls - we were able to teach them not just about soccer but about life.  Once our team regained its health you could see the potential of what we could be. Enter the 2017 State Cup, WOW!  Our 2006 young ladies did not 

2017 06 final four disappoint.  After advancing out of our pool play on week one of the tournament we then travel up to Temecula for the knockout stage (win or go home, final 64 teams, March Madness - only in February).  Our young ladies definitely came to play, winning round of 64, then round of 32, then the sweet 16 (besting our last year’s showing).  Oh, how fun it was to watch!  Now onto the final weekend and the elite 8 and what a battle it was.  In the elite 8 our young ladies battled and battled and fought until the very end scoring goal in the 59th minute to go up 1-0 and WIN.  The parents and kids full of joy.  On to the FINAL FOUR OF STATE CUP!  Yes, the final four teams in southern California (out of 128 teams) and the lone standing team from San Diego.  I heard parents walking around saying "Who is the orange team? Who is OVC? They are from El Cajon -Where is that?".  It was so cool to hear.  Parents excited!  Young ladies and Coach excited!  Ready to go!  The game was exciting, just as exciting as the elite 8.  Legends struck first in the opening half and looked poised to hold the lead.  We pushed and pushed, never quitting, playing to the final whistle.  With Legends, up 1-0 with about 3 minutes to go our little ladies finally broke through and put the ball in the back of the net.  The crowd went wild!  Overtime here we come!  After the first overtime, it was still 1-1.  On to the second overtime.  Then with about 4 minutes left the legends put one in the back of the net which propelled them to the Final game.  TO SAY THAT WE ARE PROUD OF OUR GIRLS AND COACH IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!  WELL DONE!  WELL DONE!   SPECIAL THANKS TO THE PARENTS FOR ALL THE TIME AND SUPPORT YOU HAVE COMMITTED. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING WHAT THIS TEAM BECOMES. UNTIL NEXT SEASON, “be ORANJE".